Abbreviated Revenue Release (ARR)

The Abbreviated Revenue Release is a two-page document reflecting total gaming revenues (win) and percentage fee collections generated by nonrestricted licensees for the report month and comparative data for the same month year ago. Cumulative fiscal year-to-date information is also provided. The first page displays gaming win for the State of Nevada and the following Nevada gaming markets:

  • Clark County
    • Las Vegas Downtown
    • Las Vegas Strip
    • North Las Vegas
    • Laughlin
    • Boulder Strip
    • Balance of Clark County
  • Washoe County
  • South Lake Tahoe
  • Elko County
  • Carson Valley Area
  • Balance of State
The second page of the report shows the statewide percentage fee collections paid by nonrestricted licensees based on the report month's gross gaming win. A cumulative monthly summary is also provided for the current fiscal year compared to the previous fiscal year.


2024 Abbreviated Revenue Release
 Released  Gaming Win  Percentage Fee Collections
ARR Feb 2024 Jan 2024 Feb
ARR Jan 2024 Dec 2023 Jan


2023 Abbreviated Revenue Release
 Released  Gaming Win  Percentage Fee Collections
ARR Dec 2023 Nov Dec
ARR Nov 2023 Oct Nov
ARR Oct 2023 Sep Oct
ARR Sep 2023 Aug Sep
ARR Aug 2023 Jul Aug
ARR Jul 2023 Jun Jul
ARR Jun 2023 May Jun
ARR May 2023 Apr May
ARR Apr 2023 Mar Apr
ARR Mar 2023 Feb Mar
ARR Feb 2023 Jan  Feb
ARR Jan 2023 Dec 2022 Jan


2022 Abbreviated Revenue Release
 Released  Gaming Win  Percentage Fee Collections
ARR Dec 2022 Nov Dec
ARR Nov 2022 Oct Nov
ARR Oct 2022 Sep Oct
ARR Sep 2022 Aug Sep
ARR Aug 2022 Jul Aug
ARR Jul 2022 Jun Jul
ARR Jun 2022 May Jun
ARR May 2022 Apr May
ARR Apr 2022 Mar Apr
ARR Mar 2022 Feb Mar
ARR Feb 2022 Jan  Feb
ARR Jan 2022 Dec 2021 Jan