Gaming Policy Committee

About the Gaming Policy Committee

The Gaming Policy Committee was created by NRS 463.021. It is a twelve-member committee which meets at the call of the Governor to discuss matters of gaming policy. The committee is advisory in nature--its recommendations are not binding on the Nevada Gaming Commission or the State Gaming Control Board. The Gaming Policy Committee is comprised of:

The Governor (who chairs the Committee)
One member of the State Senate;
One member of the State Assembly;
One member of the Nevada Gaming Commission;
One member of the State Gaming Control Board;
One member of a Nevada Indian Tribe; and
Six members appointed by the Governor:
Two representatives of the general public;
Two representatives of nonrestricted gaming licensees;
One representative of restricted gaming licensees; and
One representative of academia who possesses knowledge of matters related to gaming.

The Governor may call meetings of the Gaming Policy Committee for the exclusive purpose of discussing gaming policy. Any recommendations concerning gaming policy made by the Committee are advisory and not binding on the Board or the Commission in the performance of their duties and functions. The Committee and its predecessor, the Gaming Policy Board, provide a forum for the Governor, the gaming regulators, the gaming industry and the public to discuss gaming policy in the State of Nevada.

The objective of the Committee is to get input from various constituencies, including the public, on gaming policy issues, for possible future consideration by the Board and Commission, as appropriate.

The Review Panel of the Committee considers appeals from decisions of counties, cities or towns, filed pursuant to NRS 463.3088(gaming enterprise districts), on whether a proposed nonrestricted location should be designated as within a gaming enterprise district. The Review Panel is limited to the record before the respective county, city or town and may affirm or reverse the decision of that entity. Decisions of the Review Panel are subject to judicial review in the district court. The Review Panel provides a forum for a party aggrieved by a decision of a county, city or town to obtain a review of the record on whether a proposed nonrestricted location should be designated as within a gaming enterprise district. The objective of the Review Panel is to fulfill its statutory directive by providing an independent review and decision, prior to judicial review, of local government decisions as to whether nonrestricted gaming businesses should be permitted to operate outside designated gaming enterprise districts.

Current Members

Governor: Joseph Lombaro
Nevada Gaming Commission Chair: Jennifer Togliatti 
Nevada Gaming Control Board Chairwoman: Brittnie Watkins
Nevada Gaming Control Board Chairman: Kirk D. Hendrick 
Nevada State Senator: Nicole Cannizzaro 
Nevada State Assemblyman: Steve Yeager 
Reno-Sparks Indian Colony Chairman: Arlan Melendez Chairman