Gaming Commission

Nevada Gaming Commission

In 1959, the Nevada Gaming Commission (“Commission”) was created by the passage of the Gaming Control Act (“Act”). The Act laid the foundation for what would become modern gaming regulation.

The Commission consists of five members appointed by the Governor to four-year terms, with one member acting as Chairman. The Commission members serve in a part-time capacity.

The primary responsibilities of the Commission include acting on the recommendations of the Board in licensing matters and ruling upon work permit appeal cases. The Commission is the final authority on licensing matters, having the ability to approve, restrict, limit, condition, deny, revoke or suspend any gaming license.

The Commission is also charged with the responsibility of adopting regulations to implement and enforce the State laws governing gaming.

When the Board believes discipline against a gaming licensee is appropriate, the Board acts in the prosecutorial capacity, while the Commission acts in the judicial capacity to determine whether any sanctions should be imposed.


Carson City

1919 College Parkway
Carson City, Nevada 89706
Phone: (775) 684-7750

Executive Secretary: Nicole Rupert