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Note Regarding Online Services:

Each search result row will contain a button which says "Download Report" or "Email Request".
If the location you want has the "Email Request" button, you can use it to request a verified detail report for that location. Please allow several business days for verification. When verification is complete, you will be notified via email that the report is now available. Thank you for your patience.

Online Services


Detailed license report for any active location.
Location name and address reports by licensed type.
Names and addresses of all restricted and nonrestricted locations.
Displays the Registration by Type.



Two-page abbreviated monthly release reflecting total gaming win and percentage fee tax collections for nonrestricted licensees for the month and the comparative data from one year earlier. 
An annual financial analysis of nonrestricted gaming licensees producing $1 million or more in gaming revenue (July-June). This report is available mid-January.
Listing of approved/disapproved chips and tokens submitted by Nevada Licensees.
Sets forth a description of Registered Publicly Traded Corporations affiliated companies and intermediary companies, and the various gaming licenses and approvals obtained by those entities. Orders included are from April 1993 to present. For Orders prior to April 1993, contact Corporate Securities at 684-7860.
Listing of nonrestricted locations, addresses and licensed individuals.
Listing of restricted locations, addresses and licensed individuals.
Listing of Enrolled Agents who have been approved pursuant to NGC Regulation 10.060.
Statistics about the Nevada Gaming Control Board.
Summary of gaming revenue information for nonrestricted gaming activity; each report reflects 1-month, 3-month, and 12-month data
Listing of nonrestricted locations reflecting the quantity and denomination of gaming devices and the type and quantity of table games.
Annual list of nonrestricted locations reflecting the square footage allotted to specific types of gaming activities at each location.
General summary of Nevada's taxable gaming revenue and fee and tax collections.