Internal Control Information


Regulation 6.090 “Internal Control for Group I licensees” requires each licensee to establish administrative and accounting procedures for the purpose of determining the licensee's liability for gaming taxes and fees under chapters 463 and 464 of the Nevada Revised Statutes and for the purpose of exercising effective control over the licensee's internal fiscal affairs. Additionally, NAC 368A.510 establishes similar internal control requirements related to the licensee's liability for live entertainment taxes under chapter 368A of the Nevada Revised Statutes. The State of Nevada Gaming Control Board (Board) has adopted Minimum Internal Control Standards (MICS) pursuant to NGC Regulation 6.090(5) as the minimum requirements for internal controls over gaming operations. A licensee should review the MICS in order to prepare a written system of internal control delineating detailed operating procedures that comply with the MICS.

Nevada's Regulatory System for Internal Control

Nevada's regulatory system for internal control consists of the following:

Internal Control Documents

The Board has issued the following documents, notifications and information related to internal control:

Notice 2013-76 Waiver of Internal Audit Compliance Reporting Requirements - Guidelines for a Mobile Gaming System

Notice 2013-01 Revisions Related to Interactive Gaming for: CPA Guidelines and MICS Compliance Checklists; Internal Audit Guidelines and Compliance Checklists for Interactive Gaming; Regulation 5A.125(1) Model Reserve Agreements; and Regulation 5A.125(1) Bankroll Requirement

NGC Regulation 6.090 Written System of Internal Control Policies (includes preparation and submission instructions)

Internal Control System Submission Summary Form 

Report Submission Instructions (Rev. 06/22)

Financial Statements, CPA Agreed-Upon Procedures Reports and Internal Audit Report Submission Summary Form (Rev. 06/22)

Cage and Credit MICS #68 (V8), Cage and Credit Accounts Receivable Listings Monthly Reconciliation

Regulation 6.130 Filing Instructions (Slots MICS #205 and Table Games MICS #176)

Industry MICS Variations


Submission of Communications from Independent Accountants

Branch Offices and Independent Agents - Instructions and Filing Forms (for Compliance with Cage & Credit MICS)