Bankroll Formula Information

Regulation 6.150 and Bankroll Formula Information

On February 23, 2006, the Nevada Gaming Commission adopted a new bankroll formula for licensees other than stand-alone restricted licensees and on May 1, 2006 adopted a new bankroll formula for stand-alone restricted licensees. These new formulas were adopted pursuant to the then-current version of Regulation 6.150, which required the NGC to adopt the formula proposed by the Board Chairman. On March 23, 2006, the NGC adopted revisions to Regulation 6.150, effective on that date. Subsequently, the formula was revised in January 2013 to take into account adoption of Regulation 5A addressing Interactive Gaming and again in October 2017 to account for revisions of Regulations 5, 5A and 22 related to Wagering Accounts. With the October 2017 revisions, an additional formula was adopted to address specific operations of an Operator of an Inter-Casino Linked System. Utilization of, and compliance with, the revised formulas are required for calculations on, and after, October 1, 2017.


The Board has prepared an overview document that highlights certain instructions and explains compliance requirements in additional detail. Use the following link for this overview document.

The detailed, line-by-line instructions for completing the bankroll worksheets are contained in separate documents. Use the following links for the detailed instructions.

Excel workbooks have been developed to permit automated computation of the bankroll requirements. This applicable workbook is to be used by all licensees. Licensees are not to create their own formula worksheets. Use the following links for the Excel workbook:

Please note that the Nonrestricted Licensee/SRO workbook consists of two worksheets. When printing hard copies of this workbook, be sure to print both worksheets.