About Regulations

Nevada Gaming Regulation

Gaming Policy Committee

The Gaming Policy Committee is an eleven-member committee which meets at the call of the Governor to discuss matters of gaming policy. The committee is advisory in nature--its recommendations are not binding on the Nevada Gaming Commission or the Nevada Gaming Control Board. The Gaming Policy Committee is comprised of:

  • The Governor (who chairs the Committee)
  • One member of the State Senate
  • One member of the State Assembly
  • One member of the Nevada Gaming Commission
  • One member of the Nevada Gaming Control Board
  • One member of a Nevada Indian Tribe
  • Five members appointed by the Governor:
    • Two representatives of the general public
    • Two representatives of nonrestricted gaming licensees
    • One representative of restricted gaming licensees


Public Policy of the State Concerning Gaming
(NRS 463.0129)

The State's public policy concerning gaming, in part, is as follows:

The legislature hereby finds, and declares to be the public policy of this state, that:

  • The gaming industry is vitally important to the economy of the state and the general welfare of the inhabitants.
  • The continued growth and success of gaming is dependent upon public confidence and trust that gaming is conducted honestly and competitively, that the rights of the creditors of licensees are protected and that gaming is free from criminal and corruptive elements.
  • Public confidence and trust can only be maintained by strict regulation of all persons, locations, practices, associations and activities related to the operation of licensed gaming establishments and the manufacture or distribution of gambling devices and equipment.
  • All establishments where gaming is conducted and where gambling devices are operated, and manufacturers, sellers and distributors of certain gambling devices and equipment must therefore be licensed, controlled and assisted to protect the public health, safety, morals, good order and general welfare of the inhabitants of the state, to foster the stability and success of gaming and to preserve the competitive economy and policies of free competition of the State of Nevada.
  • To ensure that gaming is conducted honestly, competitively and free of criminal and corruptive elements, all gaming establishments in this state must remain open to the general public and the access of the general public to gaming activities must not be restricted in any manner except as provided by the legislature.


Nevada Gaming Commission and Nevada Gaming Control Board

The Nevada Gaming Commission and the Nevada Gaming Control Board comprise the two tiered system charged with regulating the Nevada gaming industry. The conduct and regulation of gaming in Nevada are governed by Chapters 462, 463, 463B, 464, 465, and 466 of the Nevada Revised Statutes; and are further clarified by the Regulations of the Nevada Gaming Commission and Nevada Gaming Control Board. The Commission and Board administer the State laws and regulations governing gaming for the protection of the public and in the public interest in accordance with the policy of the State.

Nevada Gaming Commission

The Nevada Gaming Commission is a five-member lay body appointed by the Governor, which serves in a part-time capacity. The primary responsibilities of the Commission include acting on the recommendations of the Nevada Gaming Control Board in licensing matters and ruling in work permit appeal cases. The Commission is the final authority on licensing matters, having the ability to approve, restrict, limit, condition, deny, revoke, or suspend any gaming license. Additionally, the Commission is charged with the responsibility of promulgating regulations to implement and enforce the State laws governing gaming.