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A Career with the Nevada Gaming Control Board

The Nevada Gaming Control Board (“Board”) offers a broad set of challenging career opportunities regulating a dynamic industry. Known worldwide as one of the pioneers in the development of gaming law and regulation, the Board continuously seeks top caliber professionals with experience and educational foundations in; Engineering, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, Accounting, Business Administration, Auditing, Information Technology, Financial Analysis, Research and Investigations. There are also many on-going opportunities for experienced administrative support personnel. The Board’s staff is asked to provide expert guidance and advice to fellow regulators and law enforcement partners around the globe.

The Board regulates the State of Nevada’s multi-billion dollar gaming industry. The Board conducts pre-licensing investigations of applicants, performs complex audits of gaming and entertainment activities in large and small operations, analyzes technology used in gaming operations, investigates and takes law enforcement actions against both patrons and employees who attempt cheating, theft or fraud related activities, conducts covert investigations of licensees, collects and manages tax revenues for the benefit of the state treasury and continuously ensures all state gaming law and regulations are followed.

Current staffing reflects a cross section of experience from state, local and federal law enforcement, the gaming industry and professional services.

Geographically, the Board’s staff is primarily located in Carson City, Reno and Las Vegas with smaller offices in Elko and Laughlin. The Board is organized into five operating divisions and one administrative division. All the divisions are managed by the Chairman and two Board Members who are appointed to four year terms by the Governor.

Employees of the Board are employees of the State of Nevada and are eligible to participate in the full spectrum of employee benefits plans. The Board is an equal opportunity affirmative action employer governed by state and federal law.



The Administration Division (“Administration”) supports the operating divisions of the Board with regard to human resources management, training, facilities, contracts, purchasing, accounting, budgeting, and records management. Professional Standards (Internal Affairs) and the Board’s administrative hearings officers are assigned within Administration. Administration is also responsible for providing information technology services for the Board, including maintenance of all computer hardware, software, and computer related needs. Additionally, administrative services for the Nevada Gaming Commission (“Commission”) are provided by Administration.



The Audit Division (“Audit”) reviews the records of nonrestricted gaming licensees generating annual gross gaming revenue exceeding approximately $7 million to determine whether taxable gaming revenues and live entertainment tax revenues have been properly reported. Reviews are also performed on nonrestricted gaming licensees to determine compliance with certain Commission regulations, statutes and Minimum Internal Control Standards (“MICS”). Compliance reviews are also performed for certain manufacturer, distributor, and slot route operator licensees. Audit also evaluates internal control systems and establishes new MICS for advancing technologies and gaming activities. Additionally, the Division reviews financial statements, internal audit reports, and CPA reports to monitor the financial standing and compliance of nonrestricted gaming licensees. Audit administers the approval process for live racing broadcasts and off-track pari-mutuel wagering.

Audit Division Agents are characteristically graduate accountants and many are pursuing or are Certified Public Accountants. Agents have a good understanding of generally accepted accounting principles, internal controls, interviewing techniques, and overall business administration. Agents are regularly on field assignments at Group I casinos throughout Nevada.



The Enforcement Division (“Enforcement”), in operation 7 days a week 24 hours a day, conducts criminal and regulatory investigations concerning licensed and unlicensed gaming and arbitrates disputes between patrons and gaming licensees. Enforcement also conducts background investigations of applicants for employment in the gaming industry, for positions requiring registration with the Board. Additionally, Enforcement gathers intelligence information on organized criminal groups involved in gaming-related activities and makes recommendations on potential candidates for the List of Excluded Persons (“Black Book”). Enforcement is also tasked with investigating “new game” applications for the Board and Commission; approving exportation of gaming devices; inspecting and approving surveillance systems, chips, and tokens; and approving charitable lotteries and bingo games.

Enforcement Division Agents are P.O.S.T. certified Category I and many have college degrees in Criminal Justice and/or extensive law enforcement backgrounds. Agents have good interviewing, interpersonal, negotiation skills and have a good understanding of gaming and the legal system in Nevada. Field Service Agents spend a majority of their time responding to calls for service from the public and the gaming industry.



The Investigations Division (“Investigations”) conducts pre-licensing and post-licensing background and financial investigations of individuals, non-publicly traded entities and publicly traded corporations (“PTCs”) and affiliated companies to determine business viability, integrity, and suitability for the granting or maintenance of licensure in the Nevada gaming industry. Investigations agents collect and maintain information concerning key industry employees, corporate officers, directors, and independent agents. Investigations conducts background inquires, regarding suitability to enter into or maintain associations with Nevada gaming licensees. Investigations conducts post-licensing investigations of Commission registered PTCs involved in any action requiring Nevada gaming regulatory approval, such as changes in control, public offerings of debt or equity securities, recapitalizations, reorganizations, mergers, and acquisitions. To ensure compliance with gaming regulations, statutes, and Commission mandated compliance plans, agents continuously monitor the activities of the registered PTCs. Investigations is also responsible for monitoring gaming activities of all Nevada gaming licensees conducting gaming operations in jurisdictions outside of Nevada (“foreign gaming”).

Investigations Division Agents typically possess a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration or Criminal Justice. Agents have good interviewing, writing, interpersonal skills and an understanding of good business and financial practices. Agents frequently travel to domestic or international locations.


Tax & License

The Tax & License Division (“Tax & License”) collects, deposits, and distributes gaming taxes, fees, penalties, interest, and fines. Tax & License issues all gaming licenses approved by the Nevada Gaming Commission. Tax & License also assimilates and disseminates public information regarding gaming tax collections, statistical data, and licensing history, and is responsible for forecasting gaming tax and fee revenues. The forecasts are presented to the State’s Economic Forum as part of the general fund revenue projection process. Additionally, Tax & License performs compliance reviews of all Group II nonrestricted licensees and certain manufacturer, distributor, and slot route operator licensees. Furthermore, Tax & License verifies regulatory compliance in all restricted gaming locations and monitors tribal gaming conducted in Nevada.

Tax & License Division Agents typically possess a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in finance or accounting. Agents have a good understanding of generally accepted accounting principles, internal controls, interviewing techniques, and overall business management principles. Field Agents will be required to travel throughout Nevada.



The Technology Division (“Technology”) is responsible for evaluating, testing, and recommending gaming devices for approval or denial by the Board and Commission. Prior to formal registration, companies applying for registration in the State of Nevada as independent gaming test laboratories undergo a comprehensive investigation by Technology to ensure the highest level of technological integrity is maintained. Technology performs laboratory and field inspections of gaming devices to ensure their continued integrity. Technology also provides assistance in resolving gaming patron disputes through analysis of device and/or system electronics. Additionally, Technology performs mathematical and computer simulation analyses of proposed new games, and participates in the approval process for cashless wagering systems through physical testing and system configuration evaluation.

Technology Division Engineers possess Bachelor’s Degrees in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or Computer Engineering, a minor in Mathematics or in depth experience with mathematics and probabilities, and ability to program in at least one high level programming language such as C or C++.

Technology Division Auditors usually posses a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in accounting and have experience in information system auditing. Agents have a good understanding of generally accepted accounting principles, internal controls, electronics data processing equipment and systems.


In addition to competitive public service compensation plans, the State of Nevada offers generous employee benefit plans including:

  • Health Benefit Plans
  • Eleven Paid Holidays Per Year
  • Accrue Up To Three Weeks Annual Leave Per Year
  • State Paid Retirement Contributions to a Defined Retirement Plan
  • Tax Sheltered Deferred Compensation Plans
  • No State Income Tax
  • Employee Assistance Program